Family Law Resources

One-on-One Assistance:

Facilitators- Because lawyers are so expensive, family law is an arena where many folks end up trying to maneuver through the process on their own, or pro se. In recognizing this reality, the courts have provided facilitators to help parties make sure they have the right forms and are following the right schedule. In downtown Seattle, the Facilitators Office is in room W382. In Kent, the Facilitators Office is in room 3d. Both offices have drop in hours. Also, pro se parties are required to take an orientation course in order to get a better sense of the process they will have to abide by.

Neighborhood Legal Clinics - The King County Bar Association has a series of free legal clinics. There are several specifically for Family Law in various King County neighborhoods. Individuals have the opportunity to meet with an volunteer attorney for 20-30 minutes to find answers and guidance. However, these attorneys are not allowed to represent the people they meet with in these clinics.

Mentor Program - King County provides representation for low-income parents, either  married or unmarried, with  family law cases, where children may be at risk of abuse or neglect, or when a parent has an alcohol or drug abuse problem.

Self-Help Plus Program - King County assists pro se clients with divorce cases when both parties agree or when one party does not respond, and also with parenting plans and child support when parentage is not at issue.

Forms and Instructions

King County Court Webpage- The King County Superior Court web page has links to both forms and instructions for the most common procedures in a dissolution proceeding.

washingtonlawhelp.orgThis web page has many useful groupings of instructions and forms. There are also other legal topics covered by this website.

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